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Your Main Purpose As a Wedding Planner

Ever wonder what a wedding planner REALLY does?

Most people rely on movies like “The Wedding Planner” to form their definition of a typical wedding planner. For the most part, J.Lo as a headset wearing ”star of the show” is fantasy when it comes to being a wedding planner. Unlike Matthew and Bridget’s unlimited budget, you will be hired for your budgeting skills. But your bride will be stressed and this is where you DO shine. You will be called upon and hired or not hired based on your abilities to perform under pressure, like there is no pressure. Learning your role in brides’ and grooms’ weddings is the first piece of the wedding planning puzzle. Below is a list of the 3 most recognized service selections your clients have to choose from. We refer to these as ”packages.” However, I am here to tell you, if you want to excel past the cookie cutter wedding planner, then it is up to YOU to define these packages by adding your own pizazz to your unique services.

Wedding Planner – def (n)

A person who creates magic, pulls answers out of hat, and performs a flawless wedding (without sweating).

There are many services a wedding planner can provide to a bride. Depending on the bride’s needs and personality, it is up to the wedding planner to service her client’s needs. Not only is it important to meet the client’s expectations, but exceeding their expectations will enhance your referrals to help you find your next client.

Full Service Planner

A full service planner is able to really help the bride from literally the beginning to the end of her planning. From the moment the groom pops the question the bride comes into the planner’s office to begin the journey. This bride is often new to the area, gets overwhelmed easily, doesn’t like to make decisions, or is very busy in her career or education. A planner’s main responsibility is to be the representative for the family and keep communication lines open amongst all parties involved. Becoming the mediator is often a crucial role in this phase of the planning process.

Main Responsibilities of a Full Service Planner:

oSet budget (stay on budget throughout the planning process)

oFind reception/ceremony location

oBook vendors (photographer, videographer, florist, entertainment)

oNegotiate pricing for all vendors involved

oCreate personal décor style for bride/groom

oCreate vendor timeline/bridal party timeline

oAttend all meetings

oOrchestrate the rehearsal and wedding day

oPersonal assistant to family

oFollow up with miscellaneous tasks post-wedding

Partial Planner

This is the most popular program wedding planners can offer to their clients. Brides will come into the appointment with some of the choices already made, but would like professional guidance in the midst of the planning process. Brides think they can do it all themselves only to find frustration and an endless list of things to do hence, why they turn it over to a planner. This type of bride likes to have the final say in the decision making process, but wants a professional opinion each step of the way.

Main Responsibilities of a Partial Planner:

oCollect all information/contracts from client

oEvaluate the budget

oMeet all family members involved in the planning process

oCreate road map/set goals for each month with client

oBook remainder vendors

oNegotiate pricing when available

oPersonal Décor (upgrade program)

oCreate vendor timeline/bridal party timeline

oAttend final catering meeting

oOrchestrate the rehearsal and wedding day

oPersonal assistant to family

oFollow up with miscellaneous tasks post-wedding

Day of Planner

A Day Of Planner is someone who comes in and picks up all the pieces (often referred to as the personal assistant to the family or the manager of the overall wedding). The main responsibility of a day of planner is to ensure the plan the bride and her family has created runs smoothly according to their expectations. Reception décor and ceremony timing is crucial the day of the wedding. The most important piece of the puzzle is to make sure the vendors are directed in the right place at the right time along with the bridal party. The timeline is the heart of the event. Without a solid timeline, people will not know where to go and when they are to report. A day of planner is only as good as her timeline. 5 minutes off the time of the wedding day, means tough filet mignon in the hotbox. This is often referred to as “Game Day.”

Main responsibilities of a Day of Planner:

oCreate timeline

oCall all vendors to check arrival time and location

oPunch out meeting with bride and groom (collect personal items)

oGet help

oAssign staff with bride (assist in getting dressed)

oAssign staff for reception décor (implement plan)

oOverall manager for family

oOrchestrate rehearsal and wedding day

oFollow up with miscellaneous tasks post-wedding

There are three main services a wedding planner can provide: full service, partial, or day of planner. Knowing which type of service the client is seeking will help define the type of program to sell her. Each client is unique and some programs might have to be customized to fit her needs. Remember, the bride is the client you are the director. It is up to the director to guide the client into the right program to suit her needs.

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Each month you will be able to listen to Tonya exclusively interview leading experts in the many exciting fields related to the wedding industry. This will help you gain the behind-the-scenes know-how that will enable you to exceed beyond all other wedding planners.

Wedding Love and Hugs,
Tonya Shadoan


Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

Decorating a Wedding cake is one of the most important things that you will do for your wedding. The Small figurines that resemble Bride and Groom and go on Wedding Cake are called Cake Toppers. Usually these cake toppers have Groom in black suite and Bride in white dress. However personalized Cake Toppers is also very popular. Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers are unique and they are made to match your personality and every smallest detail from your wedding dress to hair style and much more. It also conveys your own distinct style and sense of fun!
Showing your guests that you have paid attention to even the smallest detail of your wedding creating a great talking point for them. Not only will it add that special touch to your wedding decorations, but after the wedding it is a keepsake you will keep and cherish if they are made from non-edible clay. They will bring fond memories of your special wedding day forever.
Personalized Cake Toppers which are also known as Custom made bride and groom are usually to 1/12th [6 inches tall approx of the actual size Bride and Groom. Sometimes these Cake Toppers are made according to the customers specifications depending on the size and if you e of the cake. They are either made of clay or using sugar craft. Cake toppers made using clay lasts almost forever as they can be washed and cleaned easily.
Lot of intricate work goes into each cake topper, the hair style details, flowers, jewellery and more. Even color of those tiny eyes have a realistic look. Look for the suppliers who emphasize on giving attention to these details create toppers that capture emotions in those figures by giving them various poses as per individual needs.
There are many suppliers across UK and Ireland that provide personalized Cake Toppers. These provide handmade cake toppers and can be searched on the web by searching on cake toppers Ireland or cake toppers uk depending on location you are at. Wedding Cake Toppers is becoming a must at every wedding just like Baby Christening Cake Toppers are for Baby Showers. These cake toppers are handmade and are available at reasonable price everywhere. However a word of caution for those who are looking for cheap cake toppers, dont risk your special day for a few bucks as it may lead to major let down.

Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Decorations

An outdoor gazebo can be a beautiful complement to an outdoor wedding. A gazebo can quickly transform any setting into a more elegant setting fit for a wedding. Consider using an outdoor gazebo to complement a wedding help in a backyard, at the beach, in a field, or in a garden. A gazebo will not only provide a powerful focal point which will direct guest attention to the ceremony, it will also help to cover and disguise flaws that may be present at your wedding location. Even a simple gazebo can be transformed into a magical and beautiful structure by decorating the gazebo and tying it in with the overall wedding theme.
Flowers are one of the more common methods for gazebo decoration. Flowers will help to unite the gazebo with the wedding theme and colors. They will also lend an air of outdoor elegance to an otherwise plain structure. Consider having the florist construct elegant garlands of flowers which will easily attach to the outdoor gazebo in a variety of decorating combinations.
One may also want to consider creating decorations from other common decorating items such as: tulle, ribbon, fabric, or leaves. A fresh coat of paint before the ceremony can also bring a fresh new life to an older, faded outdoor gazebo.
Some brides will choose to integrate lighting into their gazebo decorations. This can be especially stunning when the ceremony will be held in the evening. Twinkle lights are one of the easiest and most affordable lighting options to consider for gazebo decoration.
If the site that is being considered for the wedding does not already have a gazebo, it is possible to bring one in for the event. Many companies offer rental of gazebos. Other options include purchasing or constructing an outdoor gazebo for the event specifically or borrowing a gazebo from a friend or family member. If having a gazebo is a priority, it will be possible to locate or acquire one for the ceremony.
When creating a decorating plan, consider testing ideas before the ceremony. A trial decoration of the gazebo can be completed before the event to troubleshoot potential problems and create solutions.
An outdoor gazebo can be a beautiful addition to an outdoor wedding. Decorating this structure to complement a wedding theme can be both entertaining and affordable. All beautiful decorations require are creativity and preplanning. Even an old gazebo can be made beautiful for a wedding ceremony.

Orissa Wedding And Its Rituals

On the east coast of India, along with the Bay of Bengal lies the amazing state of Orissa, the locals there are knows as Oriyas. The Oriyas like to live a simple and plain life with minimal pomp and show, which gets reflected in their festivals and in their weddings.
The weddings in Orissa are very similar to Hindu weddings.

In a typical Oriya wedding, one can find many similarities with a Hindu wedding. An Oriya wedding is also a prolonged event that goes on for several days the basic rituals are also similar. One thing that is different when it comes to marriages in Orissa as compared to other marriages in India is that the mother of the grooms in Orissa doesnt attend the marriage; neither does any of the aged female in the grooms side. Even in the Oriya category, there are two types of Oriyas; one is the Brahmin Oriyas who perform the wedding rituals during the day time, whereas the non-Brahmin Oriyas conduct the marriage ceremony during the evening or the night time, just like most Indian weddings.

Like all other Indian marriages, Oriya marriage is a long and extended affair but it is a lot more simple and free from any sort of hassles and complex rituals. In a Orissa wedding, the bride and the groom are made to sit together next to the holy fire aka mandap where the pandit recites various chants and mantras followed by saptpadi, where seven mounts of rice are kept each signifying the saptakulaparwata and the seven hills after which the pheras are taken by the bride and the bridegroom. After the pheras are performed, the haatha ghanti takes place, where puffed rice is offered to the holy fire as a lajja by the bride and groom, where they face each other and the brides brother places the hand of his sister in the grooms hand and puts puffed rice in their hands. Once these are complete, the kanyadaan takes place in a nicely decorated madap, which is basically performed by the father of the oriya bride where he hands over his daughter to her groom.

Besides these rituals, special attention is given to the attires of the bride and the groom. The bride wears a rich red, orange or pink colored lehnga and is adorned with gold jewllery and flowers. The groom, on the other hand, adorns a dhoti or a jor i.e. a white silk cloth draped around him. For grooms in Orissa, dhoti is considered as the best and most preferred attire for a wedding.

There are many big and small pre as well as post wedding ceremonies in Orissa like – Jayee Anukolo, Mangan Tradition, Jairagodo Anukolo, Diya Mangula Puja, Barajatri & Baadua Pani Gadhua to name a few. Each ritual has its own procedure and importance. Hence its pretty evident that like a regular Hindu marriage, wedding in Orissa is an elongated process that goes on for several days.

Once all these ceremonies are performed and the bride bids farewell to leave for her grooms house, there is a custom called the astha mangala where after eight days of the marriage the newly wed couple is invited to the brides house for a delicious treat. Both are served nicely cooked food by the brides family. The procedure to conduct a wedding in Orissa is not much different from other weddings in India and its a pious occasion for both the bride and the groom and their families.